1. Is the Biwoom true genuine, safe and natural?

Biwoom was made of natural foods. And any sugar with artificial sweeteners is not added. Biwoom was made under functional health foods guidelines of Korean FDA . Korean FDA guarantees the safety. You can take Biwoom with relief.

2. Are there additional health benefits that can be obtained with Biwoom consumption?

Biwoom was designed to make our body healthier. This is not a diet drug like some strong diet medicine which cannot be taken for long period. Biwoom can clean our blood and improve our bowel environment. Chronic inflammation of our body is one of causes of obesity. Biwoom was designed to decrease this chronic inflammation.

3. How is the proper dosage of Biwoom usage?

We recommend one or two times a day. The most important thing is to take it every day. In one week, the change will begin from your defecation and you can feel it

4. Are with diet and exercise help to lose weight faster?

1st golden rule of diet is “eat less, move more”. To succeed, you need something that works long term.

5. Can Biwoom be consumed by man / woman?

Men also need diet for health.

6. Can Biwoom be used for pregnant / lactating women?

Not recommended.

7. I have medicine consumption from my doctor, can I still consume Biwoom?

You can have Biwoom. Biwoom was made of natural foods.